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Explore yourself to be amazed

I am


I AM is an expression of uniqueness,
of our spiritual self.

I AM is eternal, without
beginning or ending

I AM what I
love I love
what I AM

Our Essence

Energy of creation, communication of divine love, strength that benefits others. Builds from the earth, and brings to humanity the capacity to heal with love

It´s a balance between your magical and physical self. It brings forth humanitarian, ethical and wise energy.

Delicious & Nutritious


Always Gluten Free

No Artificial Colorings or Flavors

VEGAN LOVE: free of animal products, including dairy

Wholefood + No refined sugars

Free of Trans Fats

Our Unique Line

  • Our amaranth is local and organically grown and puffed.
  • All of our chocolate is made with organic cacao, local almonds, and unrefined brown sugar.
  • Our products are artesian, mostly made by hand.
  • We double centrifuge all our Sticks to make sure they absorb very little oil in the process
  • Our Mexican chilies are naturally dried and ground.
  • We include as much nutrition as possible in all of our snacks. Besides amaranth, WE use chickpea flour, flax, sesame and chia to give an Omega 3, and Calcium boost.
  • Our Dippin Barz and Wafers are all handmade giving a unique crunchy texture.
  • We grind our own nut butters from scratch.
  • We use natural sweeteners, brown sugar, coconut sugar, agave, stevia (locally grown in planers to assure the best quality)

Why fall in love with Amaranth?

1.- Tiny but powerful
2.- It’s a seed, and a very unique one
3.- Gluten free
4.- Contains Lysine which makes it a complete protein (unlike most grains)
5.- Source of key vitamins & minerals: contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and iron
6.- Good for your Several studies have shown that it could have cholesterol- lowering potential
7.- High in fiber, 13 g of dietary fibre per uncooked cup compared to just 2 grams for the same amount of long-grain white rice
8.- Anti-inflammatory molecule, it contains a certain peptide, reducing inflammation in the body
9.- High levels of vitamin C, can boost your immune system!
10.- Best source of plant-based protein, contains all of the 9 essential amino acids

Amaranth is not grain, it´s a seed

A plant can produce up to 60,000 seeds

It´s over 7000 years old!

First cultivated in Mesopotamia, it was staple diet for Incans & Mayans

Amaranthus means = a flower that never fades

The amaranth flower is one of the symbols of immortality since the time of Ancient Greece

It can be popped like popcorn!

The Aztecs thought it provided them with super natural powers

In China - It has been used for its healing properties, used to treat illnesses: infections, rashes, & migraines

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