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About Us

After 8 years of helping people live a healthier and more fulfilling life I realized I wanted to help even more, even deeper. Growing up in Mexico I was very familiar with the amaranth seed, Mexicans are used to seeing amaranth bars in every stop sign, every local small vender and every little town, known as “alegría”. It is a local favorite not just because it has a killing taste, and its truly impressive versatility, but because our ancestors believed that it was the food of the future. It is an amazing seed, with truly amazing benefits, and that’s where it all began, I realized that amaranth was a way to help everybody in a nutritionally but delicious way.

WE Started to share to the world OUR SEED, which was rescued from Spanish conquistadors after 300 years of being hidden. It was the staple of the Aztecs, to which they also worshiped.Today amaranth seed, is grown in small towns, mostly organically and in a very friendly way to our planet and the people who share it.

We fell in love with amaranth and we want to make sure we spreed that love with everyone.

WE started  to share its unique and expansive qualities, to share every flavor and texture you can enjoy with this impressive seed.

Taste amaranth in a chewy way, but also in a salty, spicy way. Taste amaranth in a chocolate rich way, but also in a crunchy way.

You see……. Its experiencing textures as you experience life, experiencing taste as you discover yourself. I am is a rewarding knowledge of you we truly are.

That’s why we invite you to discover who you are and what you like….

Discover yourself… and be amazed…

Find out your positive traits and say it to yourself everyday….

I am (amazing)

I am (unique)

I am (talented)

Our team, your team at live to create the most unique, healthy and great tasting snacks so you have a chance to experience the “never fading” all mighty amaranth seed.